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blush dress outfit

blush dress outfit
blush dress outfit

blush dress outfit

blush dress outfit

I once read that Central Park is New York City’s backyard.

Little known fact: I live just a block away from Central Park.

Unsurprisingly, Central Park has become my sanctuary – a place to escape the noise, and the daily grind. In fact, strolling through the area has become a favorite pastime of mine – even more so on a sunny, spring day. And although it’s rare that I stop to smell the roses, on this particular day I did just that. The truth is, in recent weeks I’ve come to realize the importance of taking a moment to slow down; to appreciate what’s around me.

It’s a simple thing to say, I know. But, believe me, it’s a much more difficult thing to do, especially when accustomed to the non-stop city life New York so willingly offers.

Equally as invigorating as the City is spring, however. ‘Tis the season to turn a leaf anew, after all, which is exactly what inspired this blush dress outfit (but namely the blooms, tbh).

Accessorizing for spring is just so fun – flowery motifs and whimsical silhouettes make for the ~cutest~ extras. And, of course, soft hues (like blush, cause #obvi) are best worn in excess.

Buffalo Exchange Dress | ALDO Shoes | ALDO Clutch | BaubleBar Earrings

Photography by Hilo Hiso

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  1. Your day clutch announces what season it is. The vibrant colour and pattern compliments your striking and subtle pastel wardrobe- well matched ! I just want to add that Central Park in spring captivates us with all it’s breathtaking trees in bloom and their invigorating fragrances. New York living is busy in contrast to the beezy Central Park. Both are amazing !

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