When I picked up these pants from H&M in 2013 they might have made it out of my closet only a handful of times. Initially, I felt unsure about wearing them as due to the fact that they were radically different from anything I owned at the time. Last season, however, I put them to good use and as they’re still in near tip-top shape I thought I would share with you 2 ways to wear patterned pants. Oddly or not-so-oddly, it seems I’ve grown quite fond of patterns as of late (re: How to mix and match patterns).

In all other aspects of life I pretty much suck at pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, but when it comes to fashion I often relish the opportunity. Of course, adopting a ‘signature style’, so to speak, is important as well but once that’s established I believe it’s equally as important to vary wardrobe items now and again so as to avoid growing overly bored of what’s in your closet. And so, without further ado lo and behold look one…

All business (mostly)

2 ways to wear portrait prints_All business
Photo cred: John Hibionada

I suppose this is dependent on the type of industry in which you work. Thankfully for me, more or less anything goes so this is definitely something I’d rock in the workplace. If you want to fancy it up a notch try pairing patterned pants with pumps in place of wedges.

Pants H&M (similar)

Shirt Papaya

Shoes Call It Spring (similar)

Bracelets | Call It Spring (similar)

All play

2 ways to wear portrait prints_All casual
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Ah yes, the white tee – how I adore thee. When in doubt, you can rarely go amiss with a white t-shirt! It ought to be a staple in your wardrobe if it isn’t already. Sneakers, or in this case *sparkly* Sperrys are a great way to dress down patterned pants without looking too frumpy.

Pants | H&M (similar)

Shirt Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes Sperry (similar)

Bracelets | Call It Spring (similar)

Whichever way you choose to wear patterned pants, know that you can and most certainly should go ‘there’ (there being that place beyond your comfort zone, duh). Plus, they’re way comfy and for that reason alone I encourage you to try this style!



  1. Love the way you mix and match your pieces, Natalie! This has totally inspired me to not be afraid of wearing my bolder pieces at the office. Also, those glitter boat shoes are beautiful! I think I need a pair. Lookin’ fresh as always!

  2. Cute!! I love your Sperrys! And the entire outfit in general haha. I’ve always been scared to wear patterned pants though. I’m worried I might not wear them enough before the trend outs out (if they do haha)

    Steph | Opal & Opal

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