Although the weather is less than desirable (certainly I’d take the snow over the cold, however), upon receiving this portrait print tee from my bf’s mother (a gift from her recent trip to Dubai) I knew I had to make use of it ASAP. I’ve been seeing a lot of this trend lately – portrait tees, I mean – and while first impressions may lend themselves to more casual vibes, I certainly see this trend overtaking both office and street, and I couldn’t be happier. After some some trial and error, I’ve come up with 2 ways to wear portrait prints.

I probably would have never purchased this shirt on my own – I can be pretty selective with prints – but lo and behold I absolutely love it. Fashion is all about pushing yourself outside of your style comfort zone every now and again and this gift certainly presented itself as an opportunity for me to do so.

At the office

2 ways to wear portrait prints_blazer2
Photo cred: John Hibionada

If you don’t work in an office this look is most definitely doable for a night-out. I love this portrait tee paired with these plaid trousers – they’re cropped slightly at the ankle and add an element of effortlessness (and coolness, too). And let’s just talk about these booties for a second – I should probably never walk into DSW because not finding something to buy is simply impossible. A black blazer is a wardrobe staple, something that you’ll find use for/have a need for time and time again. Altogether these pieces really work to bring together an otherwise pretty casual tee.

2 ways to wear portrait prints_blazer
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Boots | Kelly & Katie (DSW)

Pants | Target, Canada (similar)

Shirt | Zara, Dubai (similar)

Blazer | Mexx (similar)

Watch | Michael Kors (similar)

At the mall/grocery store/wherever 

2 ways to wear portrait prints_jean jacket
Photo cred: John Hibionada

I’d totally rock this outfit wherever! I mean, really, it is good for any on-the-go gal and it’s comfy, too. Oxford shoes/brogues (loafers too) are my ‘flat of choice’ when it comes to spring shoe styles. There are so many ways to wear them and I really do find them to be a lot more comfortable than ballerina flats. Paired with these jeggings (not leggings, I’d certainly never rock leggings sans long shirt) and a jean jacket (another serious wardrobe staple, in my opinion) you’ve an outfit made easily wearable. Winterize it slightly by adding a circle scarf ’cause you know – it’s -15 and snowing and stuff.

2 ways to wear portrait prints_jean jacket2
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Shoes | Call It Spring

Pants | Dex, Hudson’s Bay (similar)

Shirt | Zara, Dubai (similar)

 Jean Jacket | Jessica Simpson, Winners (similar)

Watch | G-Shock (totally my BF’s)

Scarf | Call It Spring (similar)

Whatever way you choose to style it, try incorporating portrait prints into your wardrobe this season!



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