A Blogger’s Guide: On Posing & Angles

blogger's guide on posing

blogger's guide on posing

I’ve been blogging for nearly three years, which is why I’ve finally decided to start a new series, “A Blogger’s Guide”, to share tricks of the ~trade~ I’ve learned along the way.

First up: Posing and angles.

It’s no secret that I’ve come to learn a thing or two about posing. Often, friends say I’m a “natural” in front of the camera – this hasn’t always been the case, however (and still isn’t, most days).

These particular photos were shot by my friend and art director Johanna Armstrong (find her on Insta @hausjojo and @lafemmejojo). I think her portfolio as well as these photos here truly speak to her talent, and it’s from her that I’ve learned the most when it comes to posing. In fact, I’ve now shot with Johanna on multiple occasions (re: “Black on Black + Gold” and “Stripes + Shades of Blue”).

Tip 1: Warm up 

Just as you would with any exercise, dedicate a few minutes to warming up. Forget about the burpees, however –  I instead like to dance! It’s all about getting silly to help loosen you up in front of the camera (and if you manage to capture a few shots of you doing just that, it makes for some great laughs afterwards as well).

Tip 2: Mind your mouth

Looking back at some of my older content, I realize that my jaw often looks stiff, making me look angry and, generally speaking, unappealing. The remedy? Relax your jaw by gently parting your lips. You’ll notice that in all these photos here I do just that.

Tip 3: Exaggerate your movements 

It’ll feel ridiculous at first, yes, but know that just as makeup must be exaggerated in order to appear on camera, so too must your movements (within reason, of course). Case in point: the feature photo of this post. I was leaning back to the point of nearly falling over while allowing my outer leg to just ever-so-gently hover over my inner leg.

Tip 4: Rehearse, repeat

Allow yourself some time to get comfortable in the pose – especially when it comes to walking or any action shot. In order to capture the shot of me walking, I practiced doing just that about half a dozen times before we even removed the lens cap.

Tip 5: Know your angles

JK. Think you have a “good” angle? Think again! Any angle can be a good angle, you just have to know how to pose in order to work it. To this point I will say that playing with camera angles, on the other hand, can make a world of difference, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Tip 6: Have fun

Because obviously.

Zara Shirt | Plato’s Closet Shorts | Sole Society Shoes | BaubleBar Accessories

Photography by Johanna Armstrong

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