With Christmas just a few days away I’ve got some serious holiday fever I’m not particularly enthused. Is that a terrible thing to say? Perhaps. In any case, it’s the darn tootin’ truth so if, like me, you’re not all that gung-ho about the holidays, perhaps you too find solace is seasonal fashion. Cue a holiday OOTD ft. booties, fringe, a cute sweater and glitzy accessories.

A holiday OOTD_12

As much as I love glittery makeup, glitter-anything is a bit of a hard sell when it comes to my wardrobe. If you’re not all up on that holiday glitter trend opting for festive colours (such as red and white) is a solid choice and most def still worthy of a holiday OOTD.

A holiday OOTD_14

A holiday OOTD_fringe

In fact, I picked up this ~adorable~ scottie sweater from Winners (at such a steal, too – well, duh, it’s Winners) and I think it’s totally passable for a holiday OOTD yet definitely appropriate for post-holiday OOTDs, too.

In search for a festive a-line skirt I instead found this fringe mini skirt (at Winners, no less). I’m all for pieces that make you want to twirl and this fringe skirt certainly has me feeling some kind of way.

A holiday OOTD_4

A holiday OOTD_5

Festive accessories, such as a jeweled statement necklace, can really take you far when it comes to a holiday OOTD. They’re a great way to incorporate a bit of glam and glitter into your festive look without being over-the-top should you veer on the more conservative side when it comes to glitter.

I took this opportunity to wear my Pandora bracelet as well. It’s the most meaningful piece I have in my jewellery collection today, so including it as part of this holiday OOTD was definitely important to me.

A holiday OOTD_7

A holiday OOTD_8

I always like wearing a button-down shirt of some sort beneath a sweater. It’s an easy way to give some added character to an OOTD (holiday or other) – that and it’s warm, as too are tights. But I’ll be honest – them legs haven’t been shaved in some time so, warmth aside, tights are most definitely welcome this time of year.

What’s your go-to holiday OOTD? Let me know in the comments below!

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