The sweet side of summer: impromptu drives to places little-known, sugary treats that melt within minutes and sunsets at 9 p.m.

The not-so-sweet side of summer: heat and humidity. And mosquitoes.

When I think of a simple summer outfit, I think of a white t-shirt, denim shorts and Sperry boat shoes. Spruce up said outfit with a random assortment of colourful accessories and consider yourself good-to-go for wherever the season may take you. For me, keeping it simple in summer is really all about keeping it cool, ’cause in 40 degree Celsius weather ain’t nobody got time for layers and clingy clothing.

Photo cred: John Hibionada
Photo cred: John Hibionada

I’m not adverse to a semi-messy top knot either (a style I’m sure a future a mini me will point at and laugh). Because I have a bob, aside from headbands and hats a top knot is really the only option that allows me to put my hair up (at least, most of it). I’ll admit my bangs can prove troublesome throughout summer, but when I say I’m committed to my fringe you better believe I stand by this through heat and all.

A simple summer outfit_2
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Cue an exceptional sunset, however, and all worries of wavy bangs dissipate. Would you believe me if I told you I live only five minutes from this airport, yet I’ve never been to it other than to fly? Of course, airports usually cause me anxiety, so this could explain my lack-of-exploration around said area but on this evening I found myself exceptionally underwhelmed by my usual anxiousness. Who knew it would make such a great lookout (and photo spot, for that matter)?

A simple summer outfit_4
Photo cred: John Hibionada

I also tend to lean toward maxi dresses and skirts throughout the summer – I just love the fact that both of these pieces are stylish yet effortless and oh-so-summery. For you, what is a simple summer outfit?

Get the look:

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  1. Loooove a classic white tee/jean shorts combo. And I don’t care what anyone says, I will ROCK short shorts until it’s no longer an option (which is hopefully a long, long way away) they are so much cooler (though I am a fan of skirts, too!) Ok, I’ve used up my parenthetical quota for this comment. Lovely outfit, lovely description of summer. 🙂

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