As winter can’t quite make up its mind and spring is slowly but surely looming, I’m gradually phasing in transitional wear. For me, this begins with an athleisure outfit. Cue a pair of versatile runners, a utility jacket and cats, of course.

An Athleisure Outfit_3

An Athleisure Outfit_2

Just as with this dress, I purchased this cat face bag from the Philippines. It seemed like the appropriate purchase given my love for cats – it’s got that ugly cute vibe going on, don’t you think? I’ve actually been waiting for the opportunity to wear/use it and an athleisure outfit seemed like the ideal getup to do just that.

An Athleisure Outfit_4

An Athleisure Outfit_8

But let’s just take a minute to appreciate this utility jacket. I purchased said jacket from Winners (adding yet another #WinnnersFabFind to my wardrobe) and it’s the perfect balance of casual and chic. It’s a piece that while could easily be dressed up, suits an athleisure outfit (or any casual outfit) as well. Khaki is such a universal colour too, let no one else tell you otherwise!

An Athleisure Outfit_17

An Athleisure Outfit_10

A great way to complement a utility jack (when keeping it casual, of course) is with a striped shirt and black pants. What I love most about stripes is that they’re always in style and can very easily be dressed up or dressed down.

An Athleisure Outfit_14

An Athleisure Outfit_13

But let’s face it – it wouldn’t be an athleisure outfit without a pair of runners. I’ve only recently adapted my everyday wardrobe to suit this style of shoe, but let me just say my feet are most certainly very happy for it! If you’re wanting to try an athleisure outfit I recommend a black and white sneak at it’s the most versatile colour combo (well duh) with which to coordinate an outfit.

An Athleisure Outfit_12

Tell me, do you yay or nay the athleisure trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I live in athleisure outfits but I didn’t know they had a name. 🙂 I was wondering what color running shoes to buy that would look good and I’ll look for black like yours. Thanks

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