Although Coachella has long since past, festival season is beginning to bud north of the border and so I find my Pinterest and Instagram feeds colourfully overwhelmed with festival wear. I’ll admit, it’s been a minute since I attended a music festival but these blue skies have me itching for a bit of summertime fun. The build-up to festival season lies in some serious DIY work but if you’re anything like me, the simpler the project, the better. So lo and behold, I present to you a simple way to DIY festival sunnies avec nail polish.

Given that I’m obsessing over the boldest of patterns this season, it should come as no surprise that the very first thought that came to mind whilst conjuring a DIY idea for The Girl With Bangs was a colourful pattern of sorts.

What you’ll need


Saturate a cotton swab with nail polish and sporadically dab the frame, creating circular-like shapes. As with painting your nails, two or three coats may be needed to achieve full opacity. Repeat this step for each colour, until you achieve a marble-like effect. If you mess up, fear not; simply use a cotton pad or ball and nail polish remover to erase and re-do.

DIY festival sunnies_Step

The options are ultimately endless for these DIY festival sunnies. If you’re lusting for a brighter and bolder effect, opt for a pair of white sunnies so as to ensure the colours really stand out. If you’re seeking a solid flush of colour, simply sweep the polish brush back and forth over the frame.

I’m willing to bet you likely already possess most of these items, so not only is this a non-time consuming DIY project, but so too is it a cost-effective one as well. What’s more, if you tire of the look, it can be erased altogether with nail polish remover.

DIY Fesitval Sunnies_Look

Whatever way to choose to celebrate summer (festivals or something other) get crafty with your sunnies this season – let me know how you’ll be enjoying the warmer months in the comments below!


P.S. Props to my sister Adina for snapping these shots of me!


  1. I loooove this idea!! I’d never thought of using nail polish to customise my sunglasses before, but I will definitely have to try it now. The results look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Those sunnies are so attention-grabbing that I as soon as I saw them I said to myself, “those are FUN and where can I get them?” Of course I read on to find out that this was a DIY post and have I told you lately that I love you? Seriously, this is one of my favourite posts of yours, not only because of how awesome of a DIY it is (simple, cost-effective, unique, beautiful) but also because of how very YOU it is (bright, fun, and awesome). Well done! Sharing this one with my coworkers, haha!

    Jesilou <3

    1. Jesilou, this comment put a HUGE smile on my face! Admittedly, as this is my first DIY for the blog, I was slightly nervous upon posting but your encouragement has really helped to calm my nerves. As always, I so appreciate your kind words! Thank you!

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