Oh life’s trials…

Such was my most recent little black dress (a.k.a. LBD) shopping experience. In attempting to locate, fit and subsequently purchase the ‘perfect’ LBD, I found myself flustered, exhausted and more than happy to leave when at last (so, yes, it eventually happened) I finally found an LBD worthy of a credit card charge. Such is the effect that shopping has on me – it physically makes me dizzy, but how I so la-love new things.

To give you some background, I have an upcoming dinner date as well as a wine tour, my initial reaction being that of glee, followed by mild panic and subsequent realization of the fact that I so very much need an LBD in my wardrobe. Of course, said LBD needed to take from day to night, appropriate for the office but fun as well for a night out.

I decided to visit three stores ranging from price-friendly to higher-end. The result? Read and find out!

LBD 1 | Price-friendly

Finding the perfect little black dress_Forever 21

Forever 21 | $21.80 CAD

Simple, sophisticated but ever so slightly too short – I am talking about potential office wear after all. While I adored the fit, particularly on the upper half of my body, the length was a little less than favourable for day/office wear. I love high necks, even more so when a nearly sleeveless number covers my unsightly underarm fat – yes I have underarm fat, but more on that later. The fabric, whatever it was (polyester most likely) was not by any means of high quality but nonetheless, price does tend to sway me…

LBD 2 | Mid-Range 

Finding the perfect little black dress_Zara

Zara | $59.90 CAD

She still has my heart. This LBD fit me in all the right places; sleek, sexy and on point. That, unfortunately, seemed to be the problem with this LBD  – could it be too sexy for the office, I wondered (after momentarily admiring my relatively average derrière). While my fashion choices do tend to lean more toward conservative than not, I could more than definitely tolerate the slight hint of cleavage but (yes, that awful, horrible ‘but’) the rear slit was just enough for me to say no. It was past the half leg point, ultimately rendering it ever so slightly out of my comfort zone for the office.

LBD 3 | Higher end 

Finding the perfect little black dress_Banana Republic

Banana Republic | Price: $175.00

Admittedly, between these shots I tried on a couple of other LBDs none of which merited photos, however. Yes, at this point I had just about given up when I casually but not so casually strolled into Banana Republic. For starters, I’ve never shopped at Banana Republic, so what I could have possibly been thinking I have no idea – but that’s desperation for you, don’t let my relatively stable-faced selfies fool you, I was at my wits end and ravenous with hunger at this point in the game. So what exactly did I find? An LBD to take me from day to night. What I love about this dress is it’s edgy vibe – gold hardware along the back and lower arms as well as pleather sides. It’s also got the same, though less dramatic neckline as the LBD from Zara. My only contention is that it isn’t skin tight at the bottom – but that is perhaps what makes it most appropriate for daytime usage.

Yes, if you haven’t already guessed it this Banana Republic number was the winning LBD. Ultimately, the price was a little more than I would have liked but the fabric felt impeccable (as compared to my usual clothing choices, that is) and I found it to be the most versatile dress of the three. I justified the price based on the logic that this LBD is to be a staple item in my wardrobe. Ultimately, I expect the wear I will get out of it to ultimately outweigh the price tag – that’s smart shopping, no?

Now, to find nude pumps…