At long last, the Toronto Benefit Boutique opened its doors on Yonge Street May 15th! While I wasn’t able to visit opening day (on that 9 to 5 grind, ya feel?) I instead visited the following day and, yes, I’m sure you can only begin to imagine my eagerness after weeks of Insta-stalking Benefit Canada’s feed. For those of you not familiar, Benefit – as in the cheeky cosmetics brand – has numerous boutiques throughout the U.S. (and now, one in Toronto) that offer a full range of beauty services in addition to the sale of their products. From brow tinting to waxing ‘down under’, you can check out their beauty services here. Though Canada’s first and only Benefit Boutique, I was happily informed by the manager that more are expected to come, *eeek*, so if you’re not in Toronto or the GTA don’t sweat it!

Toronto Benefit Boutique Makeup Display

Upon walking in, I was warmly greeted by multiple staff with whom conversation was easily made. As to be expected, the Toronto Benefit Boutique is decorated in true beneflair – think kitschy, femme fatale on a cosmetics high; walls of bubblegum pink (not to mention a bench of the same boisterous shade outside the storefront), florals and multiple makeup displays boasting a seemingly endless selection of Benefit products. To this point, the space is ideally suited for a party with salon-style chairs situated at the front.

Toronto Benefit Boutique Makeup

While I didn’t think twice about purchasing Agent Zero Shine (an oily-face gal’s best friend) it took a minute for me to decide on a service as admittedly (though not surprisingly) much like Benefit products, the services run a relatively high price tag. When I finally settled on a good ol’ brow wax ($24 CAD), I also received a complementary brow tint ($20 CAD). Having never tinted my brows, I wasn’t all too sure what to expect however my lovely esthetician Tracey dutifully assured me the results would be nothing short of fabulous.

Toronto Benefit Boutique Brow Tinting

The brow tinting process begins by applying Vaseline on the surrounding skin that acts as a protectant. Following this, dye is applied to the brow for a few minutes after which it is carefully wiped away. I was pleasantly surprised by the results – any areas that previously appeared sparse looked suddenly fuller. Before proceeding to the wax, my eyebrows were brow mapped, a process by which my esthetician tailored my brows to suit my eye shape and face. Brow mapping begins by marking your brow at the start, arch and end after which an outline of the your ideal brow shape is created.

All in the process took about 40 minutes so if time in addition to cost are issues for you, the Benefit Boutique may be ill-suited. Additionally, if you’re shy or perhaps prefer privacy whilst being groomed, the space itself is quite open and doesn’t offer much privacy, if at all – however rest assured there is a back room for bikini waxing and spray tanning! All things considered, throughout the entire process I was entertained by friendly conversation and so the experience was made memorable – I certainly intend to revisit when in the city again.

Toronto Benefit Boutique Brow Waxing

Whether you’re seeking benefied brows, your fave Benefit products or simply looking to pass your time amidst fab décor, if you’re in or around the area the Toronto Benefit Boutique is definitely worth checking out!


P.S. Many thanks to my cousin Julia for snapping these photos of me!

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  1. What an amazing post – I seriously love your blog, it’s sooo beautiful! I adore benefit cosmetics, they’re so amazing and they sell the best mascara! I’m so glad you had such a great time at their boutique, your eyebrows look amazing!

  2. Ahh, you were in Toronto! I still plan to one day purposely run into you, haha.
    What a cute boutique — it’s awesome that you were able to pay an early visit. You look gorgeous in the last photo, btw! Love your eye makeup.

    Cheers <3

    P.S. We've added you to our links page under our favourite fashion blogs. Wish we could double up and add you to the beauty section as well, haha!

    1. Jesilou, I’m in Toronto quite often actually! We should definitely plan a meetup. Thanks for complementing my eye makeup, I honestly tried so hard that day knowing I was going to the Benefit Boutique haha. So nice of you to include my blog in your links page, I so, so appreciate it!

  3. I don’t think they have an entire Benefit boutique where I’m at, but we have a ton of Ultas and they all have Benefit bars. I’ve never tried them (mostly because they’re a bit pricey) but you make it sound great. Maybe when I want to splurge on my birthday or something. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize that Ulta has Benefit bars – what a great idea to tide us Canadians over until the Boutiques become wide spread! If you do end up splurging let me know – would love to hear or read about your experience!

  4. Thank you for this! I am far far FAR away from Toronto so I just have to live vicariously through these kind of posts about Benefit I guess! You’re so lucky to be able to go there!

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