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True story: I whiten my teeth annually. Since my teen years, in fact. Needless to say, I’ve tried a load of home teeth whitening products. Everything from strips to pens and trays – you name it, I’ve done it. Sooo I guess that makes me some kind of teeth whitening expert, right?

Not surprisingly, I was more than ready and v, v willing to give the Smile Brilliant home teeth whitening kit a try. As an avid, ahem, consumer of black coffee as well as red wine, stains always seem to sneak up on me. And although I do make a conscious effort to avoid staining as much as possible (fact: I drink coffee from a straw) over time my teeth tend to take on a yellowish tinge nonetheless.

That’s where Smile Brilliant comes in; they offer professional-grade teeth whitening. And the best part? You don’t have to leave your home (except to get the mail, of course).

The kit comes stocked with two impression trays and three sets of impression material as well as teeth whitening and desensitizing gel.

Step 1: Impressions

home teeth whitening

The process begins with impressions. To begin, simply mix the catalyst paste (white) with the base paste (blue), mould it into the impression trays then press it into your teeth and voila!

(Skip to 2:00 for a step-by-step on moulding impressions).

My personal advice is to really press the mould into your teeth (seriously, have no fear). Afterwards, the impressions are mailed (postage is pre-paid, P.S.) to the Smile Brilliant lab.

Step 2: Whitening

home teeth whitening

Within a few days, custom fit trays arrive in the mail. And so begins the whitening process, which simply involves ‘injecting’ the whitening gel (marked with a green label) into the trays. Each syringe is good for three to four uses, though I did manage to get four and a half uses out of each syringe.

home teeth whitening

Yep, it’s that easy.

While Smile Brilliant recommends leaving the gel on for 45 minutes to three hours, I instead opted for 30 minutes each treatment. My teeth are naturally sensitive, so I know from my previous history of teeth whitening that 30 minutes is my personal cap (for more on tooth sensitivity read this article). Thankfully, Smile Brilliant also includes a desensitizing gel (marked with a purple label) that is used post-whitening to help reduce tooth sensitivity and to prevent re-staining.

Results can be seen within seven to 14 treatments. I capped my usage after the seventh treatment as I was satisfied with the results.

home teeth whitening
home teeth whitening

I’ll admit, at times I found myself restless throughout the whitening process. Then again, I’m not the most patient person – so it comes as no surprise that I managed to do plenty whilst whitening my teeth (talk about multitasking, amiright?)

home teeth whitening

home teeth whitening

home teeth whitening

Overall, I’m totally satisfied with the outcome. From transit time to results, Smile Brilliant satisfied in every way. In fact, as the gel lasts for one year (or two years if refrigerated), I even have enough of it leftover to maintain.


Whether you’re new to home teeth whitening or you’re an old pro just like me, I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give you a chance to win $139 (USD) for a T3 Sensitive Tray Creation Kit! To enter is easy – simply click this link and enter your name and email. The giveaway is open internationally and closes Monday, February 20th at 7:00 P.M. (EST).

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Good luck and happy whitening!

This product was provided to me by Smile Brilliant for review. As always, all opinions written here are honest and my own.
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