I wasn’t always serious about my brow game (ahem, bangs). In fact, it wasn’t until my visit to the Toronto Benefit Boutique that I came to realize the importance of brow fleek-ness. Let’s get real – I was a child of the 90s which meant (next to Modrobes and Spice Girls) that thin and barely-there brows were common and, so, I spent years over-tweezing. The result? Sparse brows. Ughhh.

While I’ve been able to grow my brows just enough to maintain a shape, I have hairs that simply can’t and won’t grow back. It’s times like these I praise makeup. Through some serious trial and error, I like to think I’ve at last mastered how to fill in sparse brows so read on as I share with you my tips and tricks using Maybelline’s Brow Drama and Maybelline’s Brow Define + Fill Duo.

As a rule of thumb, I always select a colour that is a shade or two lighter than my hair but if you have light hair you may want to instead select a colour that is roughly a shade darker.

Step 1: Pencil

I’m usually very wary when it comes to filling in my brows with a pencil (and, to that point, a pomade as well). It’s all too easy to overdraw your brows when using a pencil or a pomade, but what I love about Maybelline’s Brow Define + Fill Duo is that the pencil isn’t overly pigmented or too soft so that you’re able to gradually add colour for a natural look.

I begin by using the pencil to fill in the sparest areas of my brows by way of a light feathering (or flicking) motion. I even ‘create’ hairs on the inner corner through use of this some method as I like to elongate my brows as much as possible. Afterwards I very lightly trace the bottom of my brows to help add definition and shape.

Step 2: Powder

How to fill in sparse brows_powder 2

Next, I use the opposite end of Maybelline’s Brow Define + Fill Duo. This end deposits a very light coating of powder so I like to drag it across the entire length of my brow making sure to taper off towards the end. I repeat this once or twice to make sure that my sparse brows look as full as they can.

Step 3: Gel

How to fill in sparse brows_gel 2

Brow gel, or brow mascara, has to be one of my favourite brow products of all time. It’s such a great way to keep those hairs in place while helping to create shape.

I opt for Maybelline’s Brow Drama in transparent as I like to make sure my brows don’t look overly dramatic however if you’re in need of some extra pigment or if you’re looking to avoid the use of a pencil or a powder altogether, I’d recommend picking up a tube of this in blonde, soft brown or deep brown.


Ah yes, evidence that I grew up in the 90s will never leave my face (my brows, more specifically).


A picture really does speak a 1,000 words.

May your brows always be on fleek,



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