When gifted with this blouse (so cute though, no?) I knew it merited an opportunity for me to get creative with mixing and matching patterns. The very first clothing item I thought to pair with said blouse were my plaid pants, as featured in 2 ways to wear portrait prints. If you’re wondering how to mix and match patterns fear not, dear reader – although it may prove daunting believe me when I say it is very much possible. Allow me to talk you through.

Similar to colour blocking, the key to avoid looking clownish is to ensure that the patterns are within the same colour family. For visual reference, look at my outfit here; both top and bottom are within the same ‘netural’ colour family.  I tend to group colours into the following families: brights, pastels and neutrals. Following this ‘rule’, so to speak, helps to guide me when mixing and matching patterns.

How to mix and match patterns

Another ‘rule’ that I let guide me is setting large patterns against small patterns. Again, take a look at my outfit; my pants can be classified as a ‘small’ pattern while my blouse can be classified as a ‘large’ pattern. Again, paying mind to this ‘rule’ will help ensure that patterns are complementing one another (and thus matching) rather than competing with one another (and thus clashing).

How to mix and match patterns_1

I tend to be picky when shopping for patterns. I like to avoid ‘obnoxious’ patterns (ahem pseudo 70s looks) but other than that I can’t quite pinpoint what it is I look for in a pattern which I think is part of the reason why I find shopping for said look so difficult. I find it helps if I have a friend in tow to provide commentary or perhaps pick something I would not otherwise choose for myself.

My final word of advice to you is that when it comes to mixing and matching patterns sometimes the best thing to do is simply try it. And you can always turn to good ol’ Pinterest if in a pinch (amen to that)!

Shirt | H&M

Pants | Target, Canada (similar)

Shoes | Call It Spring

Hat | Ardene

Accessories | Call It Spring

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