It’s the long weekend (or soon to be, for us Canadian folks) and favourable seasonal temperatures have me feeling high (figuratively speaking, of course). With the warm weather in full swing the black-on-black combo that characterizes a classic fall/winter getup is perhaps less than favourable and rarely seen throughout the spring and summer months. So, how to wear black on black in spring, you ask? Well, as always allow me to show you.

But first let’s clear the air – if you’re curious as to why a) I seemingly have no bangs and b) I suddenly have ‘long’ hair that’s because these photos were taken last year and while I had bangs (they were simply tucked beneath my hat) I did indeed have longer hair (in truth it was a lob). Regardless, I still own this crop top from AliExpress and while I’ve retired the skirt seen here, for me a black maxi is a spring/summer staple so I’ve since replaced it. In any case, there’s no better day of the week than a Thursday to throw-it-back, am I right? In fact, if you’re following me on Instagram you might have even seen a tbt of this exact image.

How to wear black on black in spring_feature
Photo cred: John Hibionada

When opting for the black on black look in spring, or summer, a crop top is always a win. While it’s an item that can be worn throughout the fall and winter, it’s most favourable throughout the warmer months. If you’re like me, however, crop tops are most comfortably worn when paired with a high-waist bottom which is precisely why a maxi skirt works wonders. Again, like a crop top, a maxi skirt is chiefly a spring and summer item.

So when dancing around a black on black ensemble remember this: seasonally appropriate styles, no matter the colour (black included) will never fail (in most cases, at least).

For an added touch of seasonal flair, opt for a fedora (again, another spring/summer essential) and sunnies, of course.

 Shirt | AliExpress

Skirt | Sirens, old

Accessories | Call It Spring, old

Purse | Call It Spring (similar)

Sunnies | Ray Ban, eBay

Hat | Plato’s Closet


P.S. You may or may not have taken notice, but in either case allow me to share – I have slightly modified my posting schedule from Sundays and Wednesdays (alternating between Style and Beauty posts) to every Sunday and every other Thursday (alternating between Style and Beauty posts). Just an FYI, this new posting schedule began at the beginning of May and should be as such from now on.


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