Flash tattoos have been on my radar for quite some time, so when Sexton in the City began selling them for $15 CAD/pack I knew it was high time to try the trend that has overrun my Instagram feed for the past three plus months. Not only are flash tattoos a fun way to adorn your sultry self in metallic-y goodness, so too are they a fun way to celebrate all things summer. Whether for a festival (which is becoming somewhat of a theme on my blog – ahem, DIY festival sunnies), a beach day or some other such sun-worshiping affair, the options are just about endless.

Of course, I also discovered a trick or two upon application; there’s a method to applying flash tattoos, that’s for certain. In my haste to reveal the goddess-like beauty that would soon consume one-half of my limbs, I dabbed the first tattoo in water to the point where the paper was saturated but not fully ‘pasted’ onto my skin thus resulting in partial application. Did I mention that I also forget to remove the protective plastic covering once or twice? Of course, all seemingly simple tasks are often far from, well, simple.

Photo cred: John Hibionada
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Don’t fret; all that’s needed to ensure near-perfect application is saturating the tattoo (I recommend holding a wet towel in place over the tattoo for about 15 seconds) after which (prior to removal) gently smooth over the area to ensure the tattoo doesn’t ‘crinkle’, so to speak, and then slowly remove the paper to reveal your flash tattoo.

When it comes to placement, believe it or not this proves to be somewhat tricky as well; having a friend, or in my case a sister, to momentarily hold the tattoo in place whilst you dampen your towel is without question very helpful. Again, in an attempt to place them on my arms myself one or two came out quite crooked such that my OCD-self was forced to remove them.

Photo cred: John Hibionada
Photo cred: John Hibionada

Positioning is another factor to be considered when applying flash tattoos. I recommend creating a designated pattern before application rather than simply taking-a-go at it. Additionally, you’ll likely want to stick to applying flash tattoos to the following areas: the upper arm, the mid-arm (above the wrist as the tattoos will tend to crinkle if placed directly on the wrist), the forearm, the hand, above the second knuckle, the chest and the upper back.

Ultimately, there are a plethora of patterns to choose from; from straight-and-arrow (lolz) featured here to the lacy and many-hued, flash tattoos are certainly designed to be worn with creativity.

Are you loving the flash tattoo trend this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve heard my daughter mention these and now after reading your post I see what they’re ll about. I’m going to share your posr with her so she can read how to apply them. Thanks for the details.
    Carol L

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