At last, Jealous Body’s new scrubs have arrived! If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may recall my review of Jealous Body’s Coconut + Coffee scrub. It’s no secret that I’m a mega-fan of their product (in fact, my Instagram has been overrun with Jealous Body Scrub flat lays and selfies), so when I discovered that four additional scrubs were scheduled for release I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t able to decide on just one for review. If you were (or are) a parent, would you simply “forget” to include a child on a family vacation? Of course not (I think). So how can I possibly exclude a member of the Jealous Body Scrub family?Jealous Body's new scrubs_1If this is your first encounter with Jealous Body Scrub, know that they are a Vancouver-based Canadian company that carries a line of coffee-based, all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan body scrubs. Their scrubs retail for $18.95 CAD, each of them catering to different skin types and needs however as each scrub is coffee-based they all work to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, age spots, psoriasis and acne.

Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub

Of all the scrubs, I find this one to be the coarsest but not overly-so. It’s made for those with oily prone skin so there’s little residue after use, though it still left my skin feeling remarkably soft. If you have sensitive or dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this scrub but I imagine it wouldn’t do you much harm as its ingredients are all-natural; you just may not reap its full benefits.Jealous Body's new scrubs_2Cocoa + Almond Coffee Scrub 

Instead, I’d opt for the Cocoa + Almond Coffee Scrub. This has to be my favourite Jealous Body scrub. It’s smooth to the touch and left my skin feeling so soft there was no need for a moisturizer. With its silky texture it’s easy to apply and rub into your skin. Best of all, it’s suited to all skin types; I’ve got no complaints here!Jealous Body's new scrubs_3Almond + Macadamia Coffee Scrub

The smell of this scrub is somewhere between burnt almonds and dark roast coffee – I love its distinct scent. It’s made for those with dry and/or mature skin – while I fit into neither category, my boyfriend most certainly does and after giving it a whirl he claims nothing but soft skin.Jealous Body's new scrubs_4Almond + Coffee Scrub

I’ll be honest – I didn’t notice a huge difference between this scrub and the Almond + Macadamia, only that it was slightly less hydrating. It’s made for dry and normal skin, so I can see why/how it wouldn’t be as hydrating as its Almond + Macadamia counterpart (for dry and mature skin) but that’s not to say it didn’t leave my skin feeling smooth. In fact, of all Jealous Body’s new scrubs it is the only one that does not use a secondary oil (not unlike the Coconut + Coffee Scrub).

Overall, I’m pleased with Jealous Body’s new scrubs – just be prepared to spray down the tub for a minute or two after use as they’re definitely messy (in the best way possible).

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Disclaimer: Jealous Body Scrub provided me with these products to review. All opinions written here are honest and my own. 


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Diana! It’s cool that you make your own – I’ve heard of people doing this, but it’s nice to have a scrub that is ready-made too 🙂 If you do try them, let me know what you think!

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