JORD wood watches

JORD wood watches

JORD wood watches

JORD wood watches

In a New York minute. 

This phrase has recently assumed new meaning in my life, because everything that can change does change….eventually, anyway. Knowing this, I often feel pressed for time. Perhaps that’s because I’m an Aries and I tend to take on a lot of tasks at once (side note: I luv referencing the cosmos). Whatever the reason, it helps to have a timepiece on hand – or on wrist, I should say *ba dum tzz*.

Cue JORD wood watches. Their hand-crafted, wood watches combine fashion with function. In fact, they’re all about “wearing time well”. To this I can personally attest – from wearing the Frankie 35 Series in zebrawood and champagne, I’ve been impressed with JORD’s craftsmanship time and time again (pun intended ~lol~). Between its natural and neutral color palette combined with its streamlined design, there’s a reason why I repeatedly reach for this watch. Did I mention it’s durable too? (Take it from someone who has knack for knocking watches against inanimate objects whilst walking).

Fun fact: JORD is pronounced “YOAD”. Just in case you need to say their name aloud one day. Like to your friends, when you’re showing off your very own JORD wood watch becauseee…

I’ve teamed up with JORD to give you a chance to win a $100 e-gift code towards the purchase of your very timepiece (btw, they carry both women’s and men’s watches). All other entrants will receive a $25 discount, wooo! They’ll even size the watch for you and you can have it engraved.

To enter is easy peasy lemon squeezy – just click here and input your name, email and your watch of choice. The contest closes Friday, June 2nd at 12:00 P.M. EST and the winner will be chosen and contacted by a JORD rep shortly thereafter. Best of luck!

This watch was provided to me by JORD wood watches for review. As always, all opinions written here are honest and my own. 

Photography by Hilo Hiso

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