When the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette arrived on my doorstep the other day my jubilation was near explosive. The mailman must have taken me for an utter fool! I eagerly unwrapped the box to reveal the beauty that lay inside; oh-so-shimmery, sugary shades of pinks, purples and subtly hued creams, beautiful browns with reflects of gold and still softer shades of matte taupes, browns and oranges, too. ‘Twas a moment of pure ecstasy…

With the dramatics at a close, allow me to speak to you in plain English: the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette is amazingThe colour range is spectacular, with each shade creamy to the touch so that application is made a breeze. The colours are so pigmented that you need only a tap or two of eye shadow on your brush to see the shade come to life on your eyes.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette_2
Photo cred: John Hibionada

For the unaware, Jaclyn Hill is a makeup artist and YouTuber extraordinaire. You can (and should) check out her channel here. She’s an absolute beauty and truly a pleasure to watch. The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette is her collaboration with Morphe Brushes. Unfortunately it was a limited edition palette that is now sold out, however you can still shop the individual shades.

Upon purchase of this product, although I had dutifully researched Morphe Brushes and the quality of their products, the price had me slightly worried – not because it was expensive, but because it was so inexpensive! For only $27.99 USD (plus $13.75 USD in shipping and a 10% discount code bringing the total to $38.94 USD) these 28 colours would be mine. Even with conversion (as a Canadian you just get use to paying more for products) the total was only $49 CAD which, for a palette of this magnitude, is pretty cheap. Any doubts, however, were quickly forgotten upon application.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette_Swatches
Photo cred: John Hibionada

The swatches seen here are some of my favourite colours thus far. From bottom to top: ES14 (Spice), ES20 (Marbleized), ES33 (Wink for Pink) and ES59 (Rosewood). As I mentioned earlier, the colours are so creamy and pigmented, I’m still shocked at how easily they glide on and stay put. I’m certainly eager to continue playing around with this palette – and something tells me I’ll never grow bored of doing so. Shall I deliver a photo tutorial using this palette? The last makeup photo tutorial I did was this Holiday glam makeup look (pre-pro camera, I should add). Perhaps I’ll also share some makeup selfies on Instagram and Pinterest, too!

If you too purchased the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette, what are your thoughts? If not, have you purchased products from Morphe Brushes?


P.S. While I typically take my own photos for all beauty posts, full creds go to John Hibionada on this one!

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  1. Ooooo, that first image has been all over my instagram feed this week haha! Those images are just so beautifully done.

    The range of colours though availability in the palette look incredible vibrant and funky. I vote yes for a photo tutorial. I’d love to see what you’d come up with!

    With Love, Fatema | creativeinthearts.blogspot.co.uk

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