Before you read too far along I will forewarn you: if you are in any way squeamish or find period talk ‘gross’ then stop here as I will go into detail about my experience with the Diva Cup.

I’ve been using the Diva Cup for about 6 months and I have to say I often wonder why I didn’t start using it years ago.  It’s no by means new however I still find that many people are unfamiliar with its existence which is what has prompted this review. For the record, I started using the Diva Cup because I was concerned about the environmental impact of non-reusable sanitary products (i.e. tampons and pads).

As pictured above you can see that the Diva Cup is just that – it’s a silicone cup that is soft and pliable and once inserted moulds to the shape of your vagina for a comfortable, can’t-even-feel-it fit. And, unlike tampons, the Diva Cup can be left safely and comfortably inserted in your vagina for up to 12 hours by which time you then remove, wash and reinsert it. All that’s required for insertion is a simple fold as pictured below.

Diva Cup_Insert

A question I’m often asked when I share with people that I use the Diva Cup is: “doesn’t it overfill?” My answer is always the same: “not even close!” I’d say I fill it just over a quarter of the way within a 12 hour period on my heaviest day (I would categorize my periods as being mid-heavy).

Initially, using the Diva Cup takes some getting use to – specifically in terms of insertion and removal. If you’re accustomed to wearing tampons the only difference is that you are folding it, otherwise the process is the same. I find that if I wash it under warm water before insertion it does slide in a lot more comfortably. Removal, however, can be a bit of a pain. The ‘tab’ on the bottom is what’s used to pull out the Diva Cup. I find that it’s easiest for me to remove after I urinate and the muscles down-under are relaxed as the tab is relatively small and attempting to grab it can prove daunting but rest assured it’s nothing that can’t be done without a little bit of practice.

Diva Cup_Palm

Of course, there’s also the whole ‘ick’ factor of rinsing the Diva Cup because, yeah, it fills with blood and stuff. But, as the pamphlet dutifully explains, you’re handling your own fluids so simply dump it in the sink and rinse it with a mild, non-scented cleanser and voila, grossness gone!

As these photos also indicate, my Diva Cup (granted, after 6 months’ use) has begun to yellow however this is something that that the packaging indicates is likely to happen and given the nature of the product’s use it’s no surprise and nothing that affects its performance. All things considered, I absolutely love the Diva Cup and vouch for it 100%! I encourage you ladies to try it for yourself, and visit divacup.com to find out more about this menstrual god-sent.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Diva Cup in the comments below!

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  1. Love this! So great to encourage open discussion about periods creating a community where we feel less alone and comfortable to learn more about our bodies! Xx

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