Falsies, falsies, falsies – I’ve got a lot of love for falsies. They give your eyes a certain va-va-voom, shall we say? Yet unless you’re naturally gifted or extremely well-practiced at applying falsies (I’m neither) then they can and do prove daunting. I’ve literally spent an hour – on more than one occasion – attempting to apply falsies, only for it to end in red, irritated eyes, smudgy eye shadow and a belligerent fist shake to the beauty gods that taunt me so.

As you can imagine, such a happy girl I was when I came across this InStyle article discussing the UBU Lash App. At first it seemed a little gimmicky, but I really had nothing to lose in trying it (aside from a few dollars). I ordered it off of amazon.com as it’s not available on amazon.ca (figures). While it retails for only $4.99 USD + $2.69 USD by the time my order was processed, additional shipping fees added and with conversion factored in it worked out to be $13.51 CAD. While that’s a pretty significant stretch from $7.68 USD, it’s still money well spent in my mind because unless you sit on it or develop a terrible eye infection that contaminates the tool, why else would you need to purchase another?

UBU Lash App_2

Amazon.com | $13.51 CAD

The UBU Lash App is ah-mazing. Within the very first go – yes, the very first – I was able to apply my falsies with ease. Reason being, the rubberized clamp grips the entire lash allowing you maximum control throughout the application process. I was able to align it very close to my natural lash line, something that my fingers rarely allowed me to do. The thing about tweezers is that, while they do offer slightly more control than your fingers, they aren’t able to grip the entire lash making application shaky and messy, for an amateur like me that is. All things said, I really wonder how I ever got by before the UBU Lash App – oh wait, I didn’t.

Some tips that I recommend when using the UBU Lash App:

  • Clamp lash right side up (the way it’s positioned in the packaging)
  • Apply adhesive AFTER clamping the lash
  • Upon application, hold in place for a couple of seconds with the Lash App then release and secure the inner and outer corners with your fingers if need be




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  1. Wow why are there not loads of these on the market? It makes so much sense for applying falsies (which I am terrible at). I will have to get one next time I make an order to a US friend

  2. Genius! I’m always putting perfect lashes on my clients then when I do mine it looks like I applied them after a few drinks. I’m gonna look into this!

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