Let’s talk Misslyn.

Upon failing to locate Sally Hansen’s Velvet Texture nail polish, I happily (and very gratefully) stumbled upon Misslyn nail lacquer at Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.99 CAD. The European beauty brand is new to Canada and is, in fact, not even available in the U.S. (that’s got to be some kind of miracle)!

I typically do not opt for textured polishes, but something about this velvet nail trend has got me saying HAY! So when I laid eyes on Misslyn’s Velvet Diamond nail polish I couldn’t possibly walk away without one in hand. Seen here is the colour ‘Universe’. It wasn’t until after application that I realized ‘the cap’ actually has a textured ‘nail’ on it that feels exactly as the nail polish does once on (it’s grainy and somewhat rough, which is what gives it that velvet look).

Talk is great and all, but the proof is in the polish so let’s get to it!


Many glitter-based polishes often require three or more coats to reach full opacity, however this particular nail polish achieves full opacity with a thick first coat, although I did opt for two coats (force of habit). In terms of colour, it appears on the nail very much the same way it does in the bottle.


While a black, glittery nail polish may be difficult to wear for some, I actually find it quite versatile. Not only can it be worn as a matte nail polish but, with the use of a top coat, it can be worn as glossy polish too. I actually think I prefer the matte finish better, though I by no means dislike the glossy finish either (it just strikes me as a ‘dressier’ nail and less ‘every day’, if that makes sense).

P.S. Wearability totally isn’t a word, but I’m an academic (sort of, yes) so making up words is okay, right?

Misslyn Velvet Diamond nail polish_matte


As I have only had this nail polish on for two days (I was just so excited to publish this post!), I can’t honestly attest to it’s durability but I will say that I’ve experienced no wear around the tips and I use a keyboard pretty much all day. I usually experience wear within the first day or two after application so thus far I will say it’s holding up remarkably well. I will follow up with a more in-depth testament to it’s durability in the comments below.


If I have to criticize this nail polish for anything, I’d say that it’s application is none too smooth. By this I mean that it is relatively thick (although it does dry quickly, in fact!) so you need to ensure you are applying it evenly on your nail. I wouldn’t call this a ‘problem’, however, as it is a glitter polish and it needs to be thick in order for it be effective.

Misslyn Velvet Diamond nail polish_glossy

Overall, I give Misslyn’s Velvet Diamond nail polish a 4.5 out of 5.

I will certainly be trying out other Misslyn nail polishes and I hope you will too! They offer a full-range of cosmetics so here’s to hoping we soon see other Misslyn products in Canada too!


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  1. While I experienced no wear within the first two days, on the third day two nails did begin to chip and, because I applied the nail polish thickly (and it’s thick to begin with), a little chip quickly resulted in a big chip. Nonetheless, I still love this polish. I think the second time around I will opt for one coat in place of two as I believe this will improve it’s durability. Aside from the two nails, there was some typical wear along the tips of my nails but nothing out of the ordinary.

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