And so goes December…

I came home to yet another ipsy bag mid-month and this time around I can’t honestly say I was overly impressed with the product selection – perhaps that’s because I had ‘glam’ in mind, though that was the November glam bag theme, more or less. On the up side, I did find this month’s sample selection quite useful so my glam bag was nonetheless of value despite the lack of ‘pretty’.

tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

I was super impressed with this mascara! The soft bristle brush gives just as much volume, length and curl as plastic bristled brush. The photo here features just one coat of mascara! Apparently it contains olive esters which help to condition, treat and protect lashes. I didn’t see a huge difference in this department but I think that’s on account of the fact that it’s just a sample size. In any case, I can appreciate a mascara that not only gives lashes oomph but also, of course, some TLC.

Coolway Boost Repair Mask

Coolway Boost Repair Mask

This product did indeed prove useful as well as effective. I used this product a few days after a fresh dye when my hair tends to be exceptionally dry (and perhaps I went a bit overboard using the entire sample tube, but like I said my hair was quite dry) and the result was fabulous. My hair felt super soft and was left with a healthy shine. The fragrance, however, was a little too potent for me, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t bear.

Crown Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Crown Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

I really love this brush! The bristles are soft, making application relatively dream-like. What I am especially fond of is the ‘duet’ aspect – having two brushes-in-one means less scrambling through my makeup bag and more time to beautify my peepers!

NYX Butter Lip Balm ‘Ladyfingers’

NYX Butter Lip BalmI’ve recently discovered NYX Cosmetics and I am totally, irrevocably in love. This lip balm is certainly moisturizing and it gives a sheer splash of colour – a definite added bonus. That and it simply smells amazing. I’d say it’s a comparable product to Maybelline’s Baby Lips with one small (or large) exception – it does indeed nourish your lips.

pixi Fairy Dust ‘Brightening Bare’

pixi Fairy Dust 'Brightening Bare'

“For what does one use ‘fairy dust’?” was the first question I asked myself. Without bothering to look it up, I figured it would best be used as a natural-looking highlighter. Sure enough (when I did eventually bother to look it up), this product can basically be used on any part of the face – cheeks, eyes and lips. It goes on smoothly and is subtly pigmented. I haven’t yet tried it on any other part of my face but I like the slightly sheer, natural glow effect of this product for everyday use.

That’s all I have to say on my ipsy December glam bag – how did you like yours?


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    1. I’ve only been a subscriber for 3 months but so far I like it! Obviously, not every product is always an absolute hit but that’s the point of samples, I think – you’re simply testing out the product which you may not always end up liking or, on the other hand, you may! As a Canadian I pay a little more (with conversion and shipping it works out to about $17/month) but if you’re in the US it’s only $10/month. On the whole I am happy with it – I would say I love at least 3 out of every 5 products and typically when I ‘dislike’ a product I just don’t love it as much as the rest. In fact, there has only been one product that I absolutely did not like. I have also always received my bag on time but this could be because of my location – perhaps if you’re not city-based it would take a little longer to arrive. All and all I would say give it a try for a couple of months – ipsy also allows you to review your glam bag products through their website so that they can gauge how much you liked – or didn’t like – your bag for that given month. Let me know if you end up subscribing! I hope this response helped and thanks for the follow!

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