Coming home to that shiny, pink envelope – it’s like a little slice of Christmas.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @thegwb_ (shameless plug) you’ll know that I’ve been so very eager to reveal what’s in my ~ipsy~ bag! Of course, no review would be true without testing each product first. At last, after a week of using each of these little goodies my reviews are in!

Nicole by OPI ‘On a Gilt Trip’

Nicoled by OPI On a Gilt Trip

Remember what I said about Christmas? This is it – gold, glitzy, oh-so holiday-esque. That was my first impression, at least. Upon application, however, I can honestly say this nail polish is most definitely daily-wear worthy. Typically, there are very few glittery polishes I like (in fact, I previously owned none) but this one here gives just enough gleam without being over-the-top. Its staying power was pretty fierce, too – no chunks missing after a couple days of wear and it wasn’t a total pain to remove either (as is notorious with glitter polishes). Definitely a recommend.

noyah ‘Deeply in Mauve’

noyah Deeply in Mauve

This lipstick is LIFE.  Where do I begin? I absolutely love the look and feel – creamy on the lips, a semi-matte finish and easy to apply. To add to that, I don’t think I would’ve thought to try this shade if it wasn’t for this sample but I love it so very much. Thank you ipsy. It’s very complementary for most skin tones, I should think. And did I mention it’s all-natural, synthetics-free and never-tested-on-animals?! As for staying power, it lasts – very surprising considering it’s all-natural. In a typical 8 hour work day I only had to reapply it once, after lunch. Yeah, it’s w-o-w. Would I recommend? Hell yes. I’ll be buying a full-size for sure.

Skone Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner

Skone Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner

Just imagine … getting your cat eye right the first time! I’ve used liquid eyeliner pens before sans felt tip. This liquid liner, however, in fact has a felt tip, and its a pen! It’s an ultra smooth, easy application and I was able to apply the perfect cat eye in under two minutes. Oh how modern beauty products are simplifying life, I tell ya. Of course, I know that dip pen felt tips typically tend to wear after a couple weeks of use, resulting in, ahem, reattempt after reattempt. I’m not too sure how this one will hold up but, for the time being, it’s fabulous and I love it! It’s totally affordable, too – definitely worth a try!

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

This face wash is super light and smells ah-mazing. It’s all-natural, paraben and phthlate free. For someone with relatively oily skin (I’m talking blotting pads and all) this cleanser left my face feeling clean without drying it out too much. thus negating the ‘I hate my oily skin but don’t want dry skin’ conundrum (the struggle is real, people!). Also, it completely removes all of my makeup – once again surprising for a product that is all-natural. No makeup residue=happy self.

Ayres Body Butter

My ipsy October glam bag

Insofar as body butters go, I happened to quite like the non-greasy feel of this one. Additionally, I’m really fond of the essential oils – in terms of skin-care as well as scent. There’s something about essential oils that I so love as opposed to, you know, crap. My skin tends to get super dry and itchy (from the neck down) come the cooler months, so I can appreciate a good moisturizer such as this one here. Oh yeah, it’s white. Just white. No funky colours or anything like that – or does that mean its ‘bleached’ or something? Clearly I lack lotion-ingredient knowledge. In any case, it’s a win in my books.

So how did I like my ipsy October glam bag? Umm yeah, isn’t it obvious?


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