I was first introduced to Morphe Brushes via beauty vloggers Carli Bybel, Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua. I’ve since fallen in love with the brand so I find it only fitting that I should share with you my Morphe brush collection.

If you’re not already familiar with the U.S. based online retailer, Morphe Brushes sells professional but affordable makeup and makeup tools. Even with conversion to Canadian dollars *shudders* all products are still remarkably affordable. In fact, you may recall my review of the Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette – I purchased said palette (with 28 shades, no less) for just $49 CAD! The downside is shipping time. Typically an order takes about two-ish weeks to arrive (I live in the Toronto area) though I’ve had an order take as long as three and a half weeks to arrive – but, nonetheless, the wait is totally worth it.

Let’s face it – makeup brushes ain’t cheap, but are almost always worth the investment. Even still, if you’re on a budget or just beginning to build your collection, Morphe is where it’s at.

MB33- Jumbo Fan

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB33

I use this brush for highlight. Admittedly it’s a bit on the dense side, but nonetheless applies highlight easily with little effort. That and it’s so, sew, fun to play with, let’s get real.

MB39 – Deluxe Buffer

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB39

This brush is actually intended for use with powder foundation, however I use it instead to buff powder contour. While I like a defined contour, I prefer my lines softer than sharp and this brush allows just that.

MB36 – Duo Blender

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB36

This brush is for stippling foundation, but I use it to apply highlight powder and to apply setting powder instead.

MB35 – Angled Contour

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB35 (2)

I use this brush to apply blush as well as bronzer and, occasionally, to contour too.

MB30 – Deluxe Flat Contour

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB30

If you’re looking to create a chiseled contour this brush is it. Since its bristles are ultra-dense, I prefer to use light pressure while gradually building my contour. When cleaning this brush I try not to saturate the bristles too much, otherwise it takes forever ( to dry.

MB20 – Oval Shadow

My Morphe Brush Collection_MB20

This brush is ahh-mazing for packing on eye shadow, particularly shimmery shades and pigments if that’s your thing. Because its bristles are stiff as well as rounded it really allows you to get ‘er done with minimal mess and smudging.

E35 – Detail Smudger

My Morphe Brush Collection_E35

I use this brush to smoke out my lower lash line. As the bristles are so tiny, it does require a bit of patience to do so, but to that point the E35 is also great for fine detailing such as creating a dramatic cut crease.

G17 – Round Blender

My Morphe Brush Collection_G17

This brush blends out crease colours purr-fectly – nuff said.

G24 – Blending Fluff

My Morphe Brush Collection_G24

The number one brush in my Morphe brush collection is the G24, without question. Everyone needs a blending blush in their collection and, my friends,

While my Morphe brush collection is far from complete, I’d say I’m off to a good start – after all, beautiful makeup begins with even better brushes!

Tell me, have you used any Morphe products?


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  1. How to clean Morphe MB30?
    I clean my MB30 with baby shampoo.He will not dry, feels slippery and smells a little smelly

    How can I do?

    DO you also have the same problem with that?

    I am from TAIWAN,use Chinese language,not good at English
    Grammar doesn’t
    Please forgive me><

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