Temperatures on the decline, sweaters on the incline….

It’s fall, everybody! Yay or nay is what I tend to wonder this time of year. While I absolutely adore fall fashion, knowing that the weather will soon drop below zero and snow will soon ensue is daunting.

Nonetheless, there’s sometimes no better pick-me-up than a killer sweater and boot OOTD.

I’ve put together three sweater/boot combos perfect for the fall/winter season. Let it be said that I just so happened to purchase all of these sweaters from Winners on separate occasions! This isn’t a ploy for Winners, I promise, but really Winners is fabulous. Of course, I usually have to be in a certain mood to bear the racks but when you find that gem it’s all just so worth it!

Now lo and behold, friends…

OOTD 1 | Turtleneck ft. heel boots 

OOTD turtleneck ft. heel boots

Sweater | Winners

Boots | Call It Spring

Jeans | Urban Outfitters

Watch | Michael Kors

OOTD turtleneck ft. heel boots_close up

I’m only just getting into turtlenecks, I swore them off years ago after a bad B.O. incident (don’t ask, I was only 13 – I did say years ago!). After years of boycotting the style let me be the first to say just how much I now love turtlenecks! It totally negates the need for a necklace, though I would probably find reason to wear one nonetheless. I purchased these boots from Call It Spring last season and they’re still perfectly intact and ultra comfy for a heel! Mostly I am in love with the fact that they fit my chicken calves. I would wear this OOTD any day of the week – a casual day at work or for weekend rendezvous.

OOTD 2 | Pullover ft. riding boots

OOTD pullover ft. riding boots

Sweater | Winners

Boots | Naturalizer

Pants | Zara

Necklace | Call It Spring

Bracelet | Pandora

OOTD pullover ft. riding boots_close up

I adore this pullover –  it has subtle cutouts along the sleeves and sides (which of course necessitates the need for a cami underneath). It’s one of those sweaters with the ultra long sleeves that cover half of your hands – I feel all cute and stuff when I wear it, ya know? Maybe you don’t know, but in either case let’s just say it’s really comfy. All of these OOTDs are, in fact – that’s what sweater weather is about after all, right? I purchased these boots two seasons ago and how they are still wearable and decent looking I have no idea because I’ve honestly worn them so very often. Riding boots are such a staple, though. I love that when I’m not feeling a heel I can put together a simple outfit such as this and dress it up with accessories to make it work appropriate.

OOTD 3 | Cardigan ft. booties

OOTD cardigan ft. booties

Sweater | Winners

Boots | Call It Spring 

Shirt | Winners

PantsHudson’s Bay

Watch | Invicta

OOTD cardigan ft. booties_close up

Slight confession – this cardigan was a Christmas gift last year, but was purchased at Winners, this much I know for certain. What I love about cardigans is that you can throw them over almost anything. This shirt is a sleeveless button-up. In the event that my office heats up (ha, never) it’s nice having the option of removing my cardigan because sweat stains aren’t so nice. I also must say these jeggings are so amazingly comfortable and totally suited to the workplace and weekend wear, I think. They are Dex, by the way. The booties I purchased this season (yay) from Call It Spring – they come in five different colours, I plan on getting them all.

Enjoy sweater weather and boot season, friends – we’re in it for the long haul so we might as well (try to) enjoy it!


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