Fall is here and for me that means a preppy OOTD. Make that preppy OOTDs ‘cause one thing that summer so rarely allows is pants – and I love me some pants. Whether cropped, khakis or trousers, pants are my jam. In fact, I own only two pairs of jeans – it has to be over 3 years since I last purchased a pair! When casual, you can typically find me in jeggings but when it comes to day to day business wear (which is pretty much my daily wear), I channel the power of pants.

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This is a huge reason why I love fall fashion (moody tones and rich hues aside). To some extent I suppose my style can be described as preppy, so in addition to good pair of cropped pants I also fawn over brogues. You betcha – I love me some brogues (and, to this point, oxfords, monk straps and loafers).

Preppy OOTD_Shoes

Give me chambray (in button-up form, no less) and there you have it, folks: my daily uniform.

You may recall the chambray shirt and necklace combo from my Pretty in polette eyewear post. I loved the look so much I decided to share with you the full-on ensemble.

To help balance the masculine/feminine appeal of a preppy ensemble, a statement necklace is always an A+ choice (though on many occasions I haven’t worn one, bold jewellery is a great way to ease yourself into the look should you tend to shy away from it).

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When it comes to a preppy OOTD I often turn to Man Repeller. In many ways Man Repeller (namely, Leandra Medine) is kind of like the Romeo to my Juliet. The man (repeller) to my girl (with bangs), if you know what I mean.

In fact, I’m often inspired by the superb style sense of my fellow bloggers, #instafashion and, like any other clothes-hoarding fashion lover, dem glossy mags. From where do you draw your style inspiration (other than yours truly, of course). Share the love people – let me know in the comments below!

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Get the look:



  1. What a cute and preppy outfit! I love the shade of your chambray shirt – I have one but it’s not quite like ours. Love the necklace you paired with it, and of course the pants and shoes.

  2. I follow you on IG and every time I see a picture of you, I always think (1) how pretty you are and (2) wish I could pull off bangs like you! 🙂 Love this look on you! Love that the pants are cropped because they draw attention to your cool shoes and great idea with the chunky necklace. 🙂

  3. What a great outfit idea! I love the chambray and necklace pairing too. I have to admit, as a stay at home mom, I am typically inspired by comfort 🙂 My go-tos for fall include comfy casual layerings, like leggings/jeggings, layered shirts with cardigans or oversized sweaters and maybe a chunky scarf. I am really loving your cropped pants though, so maybe I need to give them a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You know how I feel about this post, but I had to make it official (blog comment or it didn’t happen? lol). I love this preppy look on you, Natalie! This entire outfit is so well styled, from the statement necklace down to the brown Oxfords. I just now noticed the belt which is a classy touch.

    To answer your question (and it’s a good one), I definitely draw inspiration from fellow bloggers as well as I basically want to steal this entire outfit from you for a work day. Other than that, The Native Fox is my OG — I idolize Jennifer Grace and she was my original inspiration for starting my own style blog.

    Thanks for sharing another awesome look!

    — Jesilou <3

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