Last month I blogged about Caryl Baker Visage’s fall makeup collection, Ritual Beauty. While deep and sultry characterize Ritual Beauty, this month Visage takes on a brighter shade – you guessed it, they’ve gone pink in support of Rethink Breast Cancer, so get ready to pucker that pretty pout in pink, my friends!

Visage’s Kisses for the Cause collection is an exclusive line of lipsticks ($18 CAD/each), a lip polish ($24 CAD) and a lip conditioner ($23 CAD). You can even customize your very own Kiss Kit (a lipstick, lip polish and lip conditioner) for $49 CAD. Paraben-free and gluten-free, the collection is only available until October 25th, during which time a percentage of each purchase will help Visage fund a $5,000 donation in support of Rethink Breast Cancer.

SugarKiss Lip Polish

Visage Kisses for the Cause_SugarKiss Lip Polish

Made with jojoba seed oil and vitamin E, the Kisses for the Cause SugarKiss Lip Polish is a sugar-based lip scrub that feels and even tastes as delicious as it looks. I’ve never used a lip polish, so while not having all too much to compare it to, I absolutely love it. A little goes a long way and while I wouldn’t recommend eating it (intentionally, at least) if you happen to get some on your tongue know that it tastes marvelous (like some kind of sweet, fruity treat – perhaps the new way to crush those sugar cravings?)

SatinKiss Lip Conditioner

Visage Kisses for the Cause

Aloe leaf extract, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E make the Kisses for the Cause SatinKiss Lip Conditioner some kind of wonderful. With a subtle shimmer, it leaves your lips feeling velvety smooth, particularly when used in conjunction with the SugarKiss Lip Polish. I’m talkin’ baby-soft lips post use. Like the lip polish, a little goes a long way providing plenty of product to use throughout this increasingly dry season better referred to as fall (followed by its sinister sister, winter).


With three lipsticks to choose from, Pink Power (a hot pink with a semi-glossy finish), Charisma (a soft coral pink with a lustre finish) and Courage (a light pink with a pearlescent finish), the Kisses for the Cause lipsticks are all about that perfect pink pout. I particularly like Pink Power, seen here. The way I see it, a pink lippie is a staple in any makeup addict’s collection and the Kisses for the Cause lipsticks are no exception.

How are you supporting the fight against breast cancer? Share in the comments below!

Happy puckering,


Caryl Baker Visage provided me with these products to review. All opinions written here are honest and my own.


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