We all know that February is the month of love, but in the process of doting on others your own needs may sometimes fall to the wayside. While I can’t offer much in the way of your love life, I can offer something in the way of your winter skin care routine. Let’s talk Caryl Baker Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care.

In addition to a re-brand of the papaya skin care line, (which includes the Papaya Perfecting Mousse Cleanser, the Papaya Perfecting Toning Complex and the Papaya Perfecting Enzyme Scrub), CB Visage has also introduced two new papaya-powered products: the Papaya Perfecting Daily Renewing Moisturizer ($49 CAD) and the Papaya Perfecting Eye Awakening Treatment ($38 CAD).

Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care

Not only are papayas an enzyme-rich fruit abundant in vitamins A, E, K and B but they also accelerate skin’s exfoliation process and boost skin’s resilience, too. Talk about a skin-loving #superfood.

Papaya Perfecting Daily Renewing Moisturizer

Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care

With SPF 30 this paraben-free moisturizer boosts skin renewal, radiance and resilience. It’s also deeply moisturizing and promotes smoother and plumper skin with the help of collagen and other skin-loving fruit extracts.

For a product that’s nothing short of fruity, it’s surprisingly subtle in fragrance – which I tend to prefer. The formula errs on the thick side, making it rich and creamy in texture and thus perfect for hydrating dehydrated winter skin.

Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care

I’ve been using the Papaya Perfecting Moisturizer for a couple of weeks now and while I did fear it would aggravate my oily/combination skin it has actually helped to normalize it. Certainly if you have drier or even normal skin you too would love this product. It makes me feel as if I am applying some invisible barrier between my skin and the elements.

While I do tend to avoid facial moisturizers that contain SPF (for me, it’s just added chemicals that I don’t necessarily need – yes, all you anti-sun warriors are shrieking, I know) I will say that I actually don’t mind the extra protection given that I snowboard throughout winter and that sun reflect is serious biz.

Papaya Perfecting Eye Awakening Treatment

Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care

A rich, creamy gel, this paraben-free product is also relatively thick in texture helping to moisturize, nurture, firm and condition the eye area. Almost instantly I noticed a reduction in the appearance of dark under-eye circles as well as slightly less puffiness, too. It’s no surprise though as this product also contains the skin nourishing benefits of papaya.

Visage Papaya Perfecting Skin Care

Added to this is additional fruit extracts, chamomile extract, caffeine, biotin (which helps to strengthen skin and reduce moisture loss) and tripeptide-5 (which boosts collagen and counters puffiness and dark circles).

All in all I’m pleased with the results of the Visage Papaya Perfecting Moisturizer & Eye Treatment. At the very least, the scent of the tropics is anything but displeasing mid-winter (I say this as I stare solemnly at a bed of barren bushes, le sighhh).

How are you managing your winter skin care routine?


These products were sent to me by Caryl Baker Visage for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions written here are honest and my own. 

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