It’s no secret that I love falsies, so when Caryl Baker Visage approached me with a complimentary lash extension application, you can bet I was all over it like white on rice. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that I can hardly be classified as someone who ‘needs’ lash extensions, but eh, more is more, am I right? So, allow me to run you through my experience; consider this your guide to lash extensions.

In its entirety, the application took two and a half hours. My lash stylist began by applying pads along my lower lash line to help protect my fluttery friends from adhesive. Next, a primer was applied to my lashes.


Your guide to lash extensions_before2

While I found the first hour and a half quite relaxing, towards the latter half I became quite restless – who knew laying face-up for a prolonged period of time could be so trying? Rest assured I was permitted to adjust my body and even take a walk (I regrettably refused the latter for reasons unknown).


Your guide to lash extensions_after

Of course, upon seeing the results, all pains of the lower back were quickly forgotten. I mean wow, just wow. The application was seamless, as you can see – talk about femme fatale! Given the nature of the service, the fact that they come at a cost of $150 CAD for initial application, followed by $50 CAD and up for refills thereafter is not all too surprising (but if you’re on a budget lash extensions may be out of your reach).

Your guide to lash extensions_remover

Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover | $31 CAD

The aftercare ‘rules’ strictly state to use Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover with a sponge (as a cotton pad leaves behind lint). As to whether another eye makeup remover can be used, I’m not sure as I haven’t bothered to risk it but according to Huff Post Style any oil-free makeup remover should be safe to use on lash extensions. In any case, this is a mild and effective eye makeup remover which I plan on continuing to use post lash extensions.

Your guide to lash extensions_protectant

Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating | $35 CAD

I was also presented with Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating – a translucent liquid that’s applied one to two times a week. I recommend flicking the brush before applying it, after which you can use padded ‘applicators’ to help distribute the coating.

I won’t deny that lash extensions are high maintenance and time consuming. Since my lashes grow fast, I work out regularly and have oily skin, this contributed significantly to the loss of a lot my lash extensions within 10 days. Naturally this number will vary. Nonetheless, I’m not sure if I’ll bother to get them filled.

Your guide to lash extensions_protectant2

I do, however, see value in lash extensions. For starters, if you have sparse lashes they’re definitely a confidence booster. My lash stylist told me that I wouldn’t need to wear as much eye makeup (which was welcomed with a mental “yeah right!”) and this proved to be exactly true. Additionally, if you’re vegan or use cruelty-free products (or socially conscious in any other way), Visage applies synthetic lashes only. Furthermore, mascara isn’t necessary until the two or three week mark (at which point lash extension loss is experienced).

If you’re wondering as to whether my real lashes look like something out of a horror story the answer is, in fact, no. As the lash extensions have started to fall out, my natural lashes are intact as well as ever.

Later days,


Disclaimer: Caryl Baker Visage provided me with this service and these products. All opinions written here are honest and my own. 

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  1. Wow. I had no idea how much money and work went into lash extensions. I thought it was a glue and go kind of thing like false eyelashes, just with a better glue and trained professional.

  2. Great post! I want to try lash extensions but I work at a cosmetic store and we are require to wear makeup and I don’t think I would be allowed to have no eye makeup or less eye makeup lol as well I love doing my eye makeup too 🙂

    But I see people with lash extensions and they always look so natural and beautiful 🙂

    1. Thanks Kayla! Totally understandable that you need to ensure you’re able (and wanting) to wear eye makeup. I absolutely love doing my eye makeup and while I still could with extensions I was definitely playing it safe and, as I said in my post, I didn’t necessarily want to wear as much eye makeup either.

  3. I am always afraid to lose the lashes I do have. They are thin as it is. lol. I should try these kind.

    1. My natural lashes are 100% intact, thankfully so! If you’ve got thin lashes it sounds like you’re the perfect contender for lash extensions. Glad I could be of some help and thanks for reading!

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